Himara Camping

Oct 26th


Himara camping is located on the 71th km of the national way Vlore − Saranda, just in front of the beautiful Potami beach, which is considered to be one of the most attractive beaches. The camping covers an area of 2,000m2(tend place) and 5000m2(campers,caravans) full of orange, fig trees, mulberries, olive, which create a pleasant and shady environment with fruits … at your disposal. Magic scenery, high standards of the offered facilities, quality of services and competitive prices are the guarantee for unforgettable holidays. Due to the climate of Albania, Himara Camping operates only the summer season (May-September) . Himara is considered as the central spot of southalbania coast, which can be used as the starting point for a range of remarkable excursions. The famous castle of Himara, Spile Cave, the castle of Porto Palermo and then go to Saranda the castle of Sopoti near Borshi,and return in back the famous bysantine and metabysantine church of Himara.The coast from Palasa(first village of Himara) until the last (Qeparo) are a lot of small beaches you can explore.

  • Religious objects

  • Castles

  • Caves


PANAGIA KASOPITRA - A Byzantine church with an icon of Panagia - the Mother of Christ - that is believed to be miraculous. In periods of drought the people of Himara would parade the icon and sing hymns and strong rain would follow shortly.
THE CHURCH OF THE EPISCOPE - A Byzantine church in front of the now ruined building of the Bishop's residence. The church door bears a marble relief of the Byzantine two-headed eagle. Thebishop's residence was built over the foundations of an ancient building considered to have been the temple of Apollo.

MONASTERY ATHALIOTISSAS - On the mountain slopes above Himara there is the old monastery to Panagia Athaliotissa. Access is only on foot.
MONASTERY AGIOU THEODOROU - Between the villages Liates and Drymades is this monastery dedicated to Saint Theodore.
MONASTERY PANAGIAS - DRYMADON This monastery is a pure white building; located on the peak over the village of Drymades has distinctive architecture.

THE CASTLE OF HIMARA - The old town of Himara, the Castle is in and of itself an important monument requiring protection so that it doesn't suffer irreversible damage. It has signs of constant habitation for over 3,500 years. There are important sights at the Castle.

PANORMOS CASTLE (and PALERMO) - South of Himara on a small peninsula is a closed and safe bay of the same name lies Panormos Castle, built by Ali Pasha of Ioannina at the dawn of the nineteenth century and still in excellent condition. The castle was built on the site of a pre-existing monastery described by the British traveller Leake during that period, and of an older castle. Along the connection to the mainland lies the church of Agios Nikolaos which is connected with various stories and legends to the building of the castle.

SOPOTO CASTLE - Near the village of Borsi along the mountain line lie the ruins of the Byzantine castle of Sopoto. The castle is hard to reach and the only access is on foot.

SPILIA TON PIRATON (THE PIRATE'S CAVE) - North of Himara on the beach there is a large cave that can only be accessed by sea. The place is amazing and the beach ideal for a quiet swim. According to legend, the cave once provided a haven for pirates.

SPILIA CAVE - In the centre of Himara is an old cave from wich gets the name the town.

Along the coast line you can find a lot of small caves.

Himara is known for its wonderful beaches, most of which are pebble beaches, although some have sand. Spilia, the central beach of Himara attracts a lot of visitors in the summer. Further on there is Prinos, Potami, Filikouri, to the south lie Lamana, Kiparo, Borsi, the beaches at Pikerni (Bouneci) and Loukovo and Kakomaea at Nivitsa (with a very perilous road). Beneath the Castle of Himara is the Livadi and then to the north lies Giali, Foussa, Zissos, Zypaea, Karkaniki, Gialiskari at Drymades, Palassa and Dralaios. At various points on the beaches of Himarra the water is cold because of the underground springs that exist. A few dozen metres away from these points, however, the water temperature rises once more to normal levels. During the summer months many small boats offer rides to the beaches near Spilia.


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